We take care of your investment.

Only a well maintained plant is a productive plant. Many causes can affect the performance of your plant during its life ranging from technical issues to environmental conditions. We believe that maintaining a plant is more than just “fixing” it. We put a maximum effort in preventing faults and keep your plant performing at its best.

ET Solutions' path to best performance

  • We offer an Operative Room that works 24/7 to allow a total control of your plant’s status
  • We provide a high quality technical assistance with our qualified engineering team
  • We provide extremely quick reaction time to incoming faults
  • We provide a safe and redundant data storage
  • We support you in dealing with institutional third parties (i.e. Grid Operators, Government Agencies)
  • We operate under Continuous Improvement Protocol and Quality Control to allow your plant parameters performing at their best.

your contact

Giovanni Scalia
Senior Manager, Monitoring and O&M
Tel. +49 89 5009405-0