Use your solar areas.
We take care of the realization.

Do you have roofs or properties that could be used for solar power? Then don't hesitate for long. With a reasonable investment in one's own photovoltaic system, you profit over the long term from solid earnings, while at the same time gaining independence from the energy utilities and their price policy.

We would be happy to check your location for suitability and estimate the anticipated yield. We will then formulate a thorough concept, extending from the infrastructure through the technical layout to financing.

ET Solutions' contribution to the success of your project

  • We check the locations with respect to suitability and potential
  • We develop a thorough concept individually tailored to your basic conditions
  • We have the necessary venture capital for financing
  • We work unbureaucratically and in partnership with you

You have the space. And you reach your own decisions on how to use it. The need for capital is no obstacle with us.

Harald Neimeier, Project Finance Manager