You develop your project.                  We help you guide it to success.

As a project developer, you have a very clear goal in mind: Guiding your project to economic success. We can help. We do this as your technology and engineering partner by providing you with precisely that which you still need: whether this be know-how in conceptualisation and realisation or capital for co and interim financing.

ET Solutions' contribution to the success of your project

  • We fill know-how and competence gaps during all phases of the project
  • We provide active assistance as needed for realisation; in partial steps of the project or consistently
  • We have the venture capital for financing and interim financing
  • We offer flexible financing models for investors and banks
  • We cooperate with international banks
  • We possess a very strong trade balance, in combination with the parent company,

your contact

Evangelos Angelopoulos
Chief Commercial Officer
Business Development Department
Tel. +49 89 5009405-0