Energy supply of the future.
Independent, regionally available and sustainable.

The energy turnaround is not yet globally realisable. However, it has already taken place in many regions. In many rural districts, cities and municipalities, we have already realised a supply with 100 % renewable energy. And the figure is growing all the time. Switch over to the future. We will show you the way.

ET Solutions' contribution to the success of your project:

  • We help you develop a holistic regional concept
  • To this purpose we fill gaps in knowledge and competence
  • We provide concrete support in project development
  • We provide the necessary venture capital for financing
  • We work unbureaucratically, target-oriented and in a spirit of partnership
  • We fill the gaps in your portfolio with completely developed and approved PV projects
  • We develop concepts for regional energy products and implement these upon request
  • We assist you with setting up your own capacities, with advice, support and capital

Chances for energy suppliers

The portfolio involving electricity generation has changed greatly with the profitability of renewable energies. This offers energy providers chances with respect to positioning and regional marketing – when they establish appropriate generation capacities.

We offer you various options:

  • Offering of completely approved projects for setting up capacities
  • Holding concepts
  • Individual assistance to solve your problems and give answers to your questions

your contact

Evangelos Angelopoulos
Chief Commercial Officer

Tel. +49 89 5009405-0