Photovoltaic investments:
Smart assets with sunny prospects for profit.

The generation and remuneration of renewable energy - including solar energy - is regulated by a special Renewable Energy System ("RES") in most countries. In the German Renewable Energy Act, the EEG, priority is given to renewable energies over conventional such as coal and nuclear. Stable and guaranteed feed-in tariffs as well as low interest rates for loans make photovoltaic parks and roof-tops a lucrative as well as predictable investment in Germany resulting in an installation of more than 34,8 GW of PV so far.

But even where the feed-in remuneration is regulated otherwise, we apply our experience and our market knowledge to ensure that the projects are very solid and provide the necessary profitability - for example - in Romania, the United Kingdom, Poland, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil and the United States.
In addition to precise project planning and technical design, ET Solutions AG provides detailed profitability analyses and tailored financing concepts.
On the basis of many years of international experience in preparatory due diligence, design and finance, we are very knowledgeable in realizing large-scale PV projects in Germany as well as abroad. For this purpose we work together with renowned international law practices and accounting firms.

ET Solutions' contribution to the success of your projects

  • We develop sustainable, profitable projects and offer our expertise and advice for tailored financial solutions
  • We provide detailed and bankable documentation to help you to achieve lucrative results
  • We also assist you in communication with banks, co-investors and in access to financing

Despite the regulatory uncertainties and a more difficult financing environment, we feel very comfortable with the project execution and completion timeliness with ET Solar being the EPC contractor given the outstanding track record that the firm has built up in the past few years.

Guido Ingwer, Managing Partner of Wattner

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