System operations & upkeep
We look after your yield.

At ET Solutions we know that optimal operation and professional upkeep are the prerequisites for ensuring that a solar plant becomes a profitable financial investment.

With our operations and technology experience we ensure that your investment functions smoothly and without problems, continuously generates solid earnings and thus comfortably meets or even surpasses your profit expectations.

Greater system performance and higher yields
With our experience, we are in a position to formulate and apply preventive and improving maintenance and upkeep concepts. This leads to sustainability and optimised performance.

Lower costs
With our customised preventive maintenance and upkeep concepts, the quality of our service and smooth administration, we are able to considerably reduce costs.

Flexible service portfolio
Our customers can choose freely from our service portfolio and decide which services we should provide to offer them optimal support. In this way they can profit 100% from our know-how and our experience, while at the same time concentrating on their core business.

Especially in the field of the settlement of energy-intensive industries at our new locations, ET Solutions AG, with its creative energy management concepts and its solid financial strength, is an optimal partner for us. 

Bernd Schall, Managing Director of the STL Group

Our service portfolio in the area of system operations & upkeep encompasses, among other things:

  • Management of maintenance contracts
  • Visual inspections
  • Contractor management solutions
  • System performance testing
  • Energy monitoring services
  • Emergency response
  • Financial and energy reports
  • On-going support and consulting services
  • Preventive maintenance programs
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Corrective/Reactive Maintenance

"Operation & maintenance" is one of our competence areas. In addition to this, we can also support you sensibly with the successful realisation of your solar project in the following areas:

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