About Us
About us

Why ET Solutions?
Because it's about the future.

The future belongs to renewable energies. And to those who have recognised this. The portfolio in electricity generation has changed. The energy turnaround can no longer be stopped. Solar energy is THE energy of the future. ET Solutions is THE company to safely lead you there!

We strive to achieve a high level of optimisation and quality – with our technology, in our systems and in our functions and processes. This is because: Quality is the foundation of and the guarantee for sustainability and economic efficiency, for solid yields and, ultimately, for satisfied investors and customers.

ET Solutions has all of the basics to lead your PV project to success:

  • the technology
  • the experience
  • the dedication
  • the capital
  • the engineering competence

Solar energy is THE energy of the future. ET Solutions is THE company to lead you there!

Evangelos Angelopoulos, CCO

ET Solutions offers:

  • Bankable EPC services
  • A comprehensive range of solar power solutions extending from off-grid systems to on-grid solar power plants
  • European technology team and German engineers
  • A total of more than 500 MW of development and management experience
  • Plants and systems that can be securely refinanced
  • Documented balance of success
  • Strong finances through the parent company and independent credit providers
  • Maximum cost efficiency and competitiveness of the components used
  • Broad base of investors for your photovoltaic project
  • All-round securing of your project with German insurance solutions of top tier insurance group

    An overview of ET Solutions:

    • 100 % subsidiary company of the ET Solar Group
    • Founded in August 2008
    • Main office in Munich
    • Branches in Italy, Romania, France and Chile

      Our management is international and strongly positioned: To the advantage of our customers around the world. Management