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About us

Konstantinos Panagiotou

Director of Commissioning and Engineering

Mr. Panagiotou has almost 20 years’ professional experience, especially in Commissioning, PAC Management and Operations & Maintenance. His licensing skills, project management and construction skills, technical skills as well as commercial skills make him a valuable asset for ETS. He acted as Technical Director in his previous company and responsible for projects in Europe and Middle East. As Director of Commissioning and O&M at ET Solutions his main responsibilities including: direct and oversee all industrial and commercial-scale solar power plants start-up and commissioning activities, direct activities of sub-contractor and suppliers commissioning staff and manage quality control inspections during the final stages of the construction. In the field of O&M his responsibilities including: Optimize performance and operating efficiency of operating projects, Develop best-in-class maintenance strategies based on project data & industry best practice; drive implementation with O&M subcontractors as well as assign work activities, monitor work flow etc.